Genetic Quality

Elite Goat Genetics (EGG) has identified a range of genomically tested sires, from within the Yorkshire Dairy Goats breeding pool, whose gEBVs for Milk production, Milk Solids, and Functional Type make them ideally suited to New Zealand and international markets.

New bucks are added each year to our catalogue.  If you would like a copy please register here.

We recommend using a team of bucks (e.g. 10) to enable higher reliability.

Sires are backed up by an elite dam with outstanding lifetime production, achieved in a competitive large herd environment.  Some dams are still in production and have already achieved lifetime production records of over 10,000 litres of milk, with the group currently averaging over 240 Kgs of Total Milk Solids per year.


Semen is processed to ensure high fertility using the following assessments:

  • Motility
  • % Alive
  • Morphology
  • Thermo-resistance
  • CASA (Computer Assisted Semen Analysis)

Biosecurity and availability

Our centre is approved for export to international markets, including China.   And our Bucks are tested to high health status and kept in isolation.

Semen is available from our New Zealand base - for export to a wide range of worldwide markets.

We now have semen from our NZ sires, available for delivery direct from our warehouse in China.

AI Services

Our experienced team can help with AI services to ensure good conception rates after purchasing EGG semen. We can deliver the full range of synchronisation and AI or offer guidance and training to local operators.