Genomic Selection – the future of livestock breeding, today

Genomics has revolutionised animal breeding around the world and is fast becoming the benchmark selection tool for all major livestock species.

EGG and our partners have developed the world’s first commercially applicable genomic selection platform for dairy goats. This enables us to produce Genomic Estimated Breeding Values (gEBVs) for the key production and functional conformation traits, that underpin the lifetime productivity and profitability of any goat herd.

By reliably identifying elite males and females at a much younger age than was previously possible, Genomics has enabled EGG to offer cutting edge, market-optimised genetics, to goat milk producers around the world.

Our partner programme is the world’s largest genomic dairy goat breeding programme. It’s reliable and accurate. This enables the selection of exceptional bucks with reliable predictability of their daughter’s production.

With unparalleled expertise and data-driven genetics, our advanced SNP chip technology encapsulates years of accumulated knowledge and insights, enabling a remarkable leap in productivity.

But it doesn't stop there. Year after year, our genetics continue to fuel sustainable growth, driving ongoing improvements in milk yields.