Accelerate milk production
and improve herd resilience

We are a world leading dairy goat company and the first to use genonmic selection.

Genomics for Power-Packed Milk Production

We use unique cutting-edge genomic techniques to propel milk production to new heights and empower farmers to maximise productivity.

By using the power of genomics, targeted selection, and breeding strategies we can support farmers to rapidly increase milk production and health outcomes for the herd.

We have a team of industry leaders that can help you to achieve your goals.

Our services enable you to double the standard genetic gain. Which, when compounded over years gives you a significant step change in productivity.

Key benefits are:

Higher milk yield
Increased lactation persistence
Superior milk composition – fat and protein kg per annum
Mastitis resistance

Our customers are saying

“We are very grateful to have found a trusted source for high production goat genetics, where genomics is the tool used for identifying superior animals. In this field EGG are the undisputed leader. We have seen amazing production from the Daughters of EGG bucks. Milk volume, milk solids, persistence, and type are all excellent. I am so happy we made the investment in EGG semen and wish we had done so sooner.”

Miles Hooper
Dairy Goat Farmer, USA

“We know we made the right choice, as the goats are healthy, robust and very productive. They produce large amounts of milk with very efficient feed conversion producing around 40% more milk from the same amount of feed as our old herd.”

Philip Ormerod
Dairy Goat Farmer, UK

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