About Us

Elite Goat Genetics

Elite Goat Genetics is a joint venture between Yorkshire Dairy Goats (the UK’s leading producer of Goats milk), Elite Goat Milk (one of New Zealand’s largest producer of goat milk) and Animal Breeding Services (New Zealand’s leading animal reproductive technologies specialist).

We aim to offer commercial milk producers the very best goat genetics from superior genomically selected sires, backed up by dams with proven outstanding lifetime production in a large commercial herd environment.

Working with Elite Goat Genetics provides you with the unique opportunity to inject some of the worlds very best dairy goat genetics into your breeding programme

Yorkshire Dairy Goats

Yorkshire Dairy Goats (YDG) are our principal genetic supply partner. YDG was established in 1986 and has grown to become one of Europe’s largest and most productive dairy goat herds, supplying 10 million litres of high-quality fresh goats milk per year to the UK retail market. Operating from two sites in East Yorkshire the herd of 7,000 milkers and 3,000 young stock is managed to the highest health and biosecurity standards. As such it is accredited free of CAE and Scrapie and is free of all the major production diseases of dairy goats, such as Caseous Lymphadenitis, Q-fever, Brucella, Bovine TB , Mycoplasma Agalactiae etc.

A comprehensive 38 year selective breeding, and progeny testing programme has resulted in a stabilised-hybrid or composite population, comprising Saanen, British Alpine, and British Toggenburg blood, that is ideally suited to the demands of modern commercial milk production.

Selected for productivity, health and longevity, the herd boasts a rolling average yield of 1,500 litres of milk per goat per year, at 11.5% Total Milk Solids, with a lifetime average production of c. 5,000 litres. The typical lactation length is 20 months (600 days). Many of the herds top performing females have exceeded 10,000 litres lifetime production, at an average of over 240 kgs Total Milk Solids per year.

Animal Breeding Services

Animal Breeding Services (ABS) are the principal service delivery partner for Elite Goat Genetics (EGG) and offer a comprehensive Synchrony and AI Services for Dairy Goats in New Zealand. For best results EGG recommends that NewZealand customers use ABS for all their AI and Synchrony requirements, and that international customers call on their advice. For those markets outside of New Zealand we can recommend suitable partners.

There are 6 great reasons to work with us

new zealand expertise

Leveraging our world leading dairy capability and technology

Better milk productivity

A step-change in productivity with larger quantitities of milk with lower feed to output ratios

herd resilience

Genetics that optimise health and disease prevention across multiple metrics


Genomics enables us to select young bucks from a large population to ensure their offspring are highly productive

faster growth

Accelrate growth faster and continuously, 'leap-frogging' years of data capture and analysis

Training & support

We farm goats ourselves and can advise on all aspects to help you make the best use of our genetics